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Breath-work with Mindfulness/Guided Meditation etc

£80.00 per session

By learning to use your breath to connect your mind and body, you will experience deep healing on a new level

By combining individual powerful healing modalities such as Breath-work, Mindfulness, Guided Meditation and Visualization, we are able to create an incredible tool for deep healing and reconnection with oneself and the universe, allowing us to find answers to questions that have alluded us.

By learning to Breathe correctly you help your body to relax and release stress, increase vitality and energy.

By adding Mindfulness, you have the added benefit of learning to be present in the here and now.

By combining Guided Meditation with Creative Visualization, you have the added benefit of connecting with higher levels of consciousness and universal energy while allowing your mind to make or see changes, thus changing the direction of your life.

So why not allow yourself to immerse your mind, body and soul into this deep powerful multi-dimensional healing.

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