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Custom Spell / Ritual Making Kit

£60.00 per spell or kit

Call upon the power of nature and the universe to help yourself

There are lots of different type of spells and magical rituals available, from release anger to personal protection and many in between.

Depending on your requirements for the spell or ritual, various special objects, magical items, charms and symbols may be used to create your very own individual kit.

On completion of the spell/ritual preparation, you will be sent special instructions that you need to follow including any relevant objects that are required to complete the spell/ritual for yourself.

Once session is booked, we will be in touch to discuss information required, (once information has been received by us you will receive your own special kit within a week).

Please note, payment is non-refundable.

I do not diagnose, I guide and advise on the most effective approach to improving one self, health and mindset.

Remember we all have free-will, we have the choice to change direction, do something different, procrastinate, etc. So to that end, choose wisely.

The Magical Rituals and Spells I create are for the personal and private use of the person requesting it. It is not advisable to share the kit with others as there could be adverse effects for the other person. If you wish to gift a kit to that someone special then you would need to provide me with their details, not yours

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