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Dowsing for Finance, Health, Future
£60.00 per session

An Ancient Art used to Find the True Path in Life

Intuitive consultation using dowsing to identify the root cause of the problems that you are inquiring about.

Once identified and acknowledged, the healing process can begin.

Commitment is required by you.

You with be provided with information you need to start the process to resolve and release the dis-ease, dys-function, dis-order and im-balance that has accumulated in your life and body, some comments may be difficult to accept or identify with, but by sticking to it you have the opportunity to change your direction in life and health, it will be down to you to take the next steps should you so wish.

Life is like an onion, so many layers, some hard, some soft, most certain to make you cry along the way, but with every peel removed the closer we get to the centre, the real you, the you before life got in the way and started wrapping you in that darn onion peel!

Once session is booked, we will be in touch to discuss information required, (once information has been received by us you will receive your report within a week)

Please note, payment is non-refundable.

I do not diagnose, I guide and advise on the most effective approach to improving one self, health and mindset.

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