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Odin the All-Father, legendary leader of the Norse gods, , is astride his mighty steed Sleipnir preparing to ride off to war. Sleipnir is an eight-legged horse, here shown to be covered in runic letterings, with braids in his mane and decorative bands on his legs. Odin is depicted as a powerfully sized warrior wearing full armour and a winged helm. His beard and hair are braided, while his armour features several spikes across its surface. In one hand, he holds the Vulknut, a symbol involving three triangles, while in his other he holds his spear, Gungnir, which possesses a decoratively barbed spearhead.

Featuring the design of artist Derek W. Frost, makes a unique gift for any fan of Norse Mythology, or wanting to connect with the powerful Norse gods.

Odin with his Horse Sleipnir (8 legs)

SKU: 013150000200
  • Height: 240 cm

    Width: 220 cm

    Depth: 128 cm

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