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Bespoke Shopping Experience


Deposit £50 per 3 (three) hour session

Hands on self indulgent immersive experience

Due to the Pandemic and reduced shops, events etc that are available to browse, handle and purchase personal development, healing or esoteric products in person, we are proud to offer you the opportunity to book a 3 hour time slot that is convenient to us both, where you can come and view the products of your choosing, ie crystals, cards, figurines, etc.

Once experience is booked, we will be in touch, you will also receive the full list of available categories for you to select from (this form will need to be returned at least 3 days before the appointment).

The price paid for booking into this experience will be put towards your purchases on the day of viewing.


Purchases must be equal to or exceed price paid for this experience.


Please note, should you be late for your appointment, extended time may not be available.

Contact us to book in, once you have contacted us, we will send details for payment to be made and once we confirm that payment has been received we will be in touch to book in a convenient date, time.

Please note, payment is non-refundable for no shows.

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