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Distant - Remote Healing

Distant Healing.jpg

£60.00 for 6 (six) weeks

An Ancient Healing Art Form

Very much like the Intuitive Energy Healing therapy on offer, still employing various healing modalities except less intense but just as therapeutic and long lasting.

Payment is for 6 weekly half hour sessions on a specific night at a specified time.

Perfect for continuing healing after one to one session’s, or the person is unable to travel to me or visa-versa, due to dis-ease or distance or they are unaware that you wish to send healing their way (ie a child, etc).

Contact us to book in, once you have contacted us, we will send details for payment to be made and once we confirm that payment has been received we will be in touch to discuss requirements etc, (once information has been received by us, you will be informed when the healing sessions will begin) as well as availability for all sessions.

Please note, payment is non-refundable.

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