Intuitive Complementary Health Treatments

A Unique Individualized Approach

I use various modalities to align and keep your body and spirit in balance. I believe in nurturing and unravelling the mind, body and spirit rather than battling against it.

Sessions last approx. one hour, but may last longer depending on what your mind /body needs.

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Intuitive Massage

Everyone benefits from a Intuitive Therapeutic Massage treatment. This deeply relaxing unique holistic therapy is great for maintaining optimal health as well as treating specific conditions. Perfect for anyone who wants to work on clearing and transforming themselves.

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Intuitive Energy Healing

Everyone can benefit from an Intuitive Energy Healing treatment. Used by our ancestors, this deeply relaxing therapy is used to help bring the body back to homeostasis/balance and encourages your body to heal naturally while maintaining optimal health and helping with spiritual growth - being one with the universe.



A standalone treatment or can be used in conjunction with other therapies. By sensing and tuning into my client’s energy on various levels I am able to help release energy blocks and pain that is held deep within the body allowing their body to heal naturally and find balance restoring their physical and emotional well-being.


Indian Head Massage

Everyone benefits from an Indian Head Massage or “Champi” treatment. This powerful holistic therapy is used to maintain optimal health as well as treat specific conditions


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