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What People Say

Alma L

Thanks for keeping me mobile after my hip and knee ops, truly appreciate all the hard work you put into getting me running!!

Emma F

You have done more for me in one session than doctors have in my life.....

Jon R

I am a natural cynic and I have been proven wrong on many an occasion. Cecelia  has been able to put me back together after my various mishaps.

Jane S

I could not imagine what dark hole I would be in now without you my Confidante, Mentor and Guide.

Lyn H

Thank you for all your help and support over the years, keeping my head in a good place with the sound advice

E & S

Sessions are enlightening, we are working better as a group and with your support and encouragement will continue to do so.

Richard G

Whenever I can get to the UK  from US, visiting Cecelia is a must. She sorts me out both physically and mentally until my next visit.

Ross W

Oh My!! Wow 

Thankyou for kicking my arse. I am forever in your dept. I am one year free of diabetes.


Thank you for tending to all my issues. Enjoyed my massage and the mentoring

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