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Intuitive Reflexology


£65.00 per session

A Therapeutic Art Form Used Since Ancient Time to Balance Mind and Body

A standalone treatment or can be used in conjunction with other therapies. ​By sensing and tuning into my client’s energy on various levels I am able to help release energy blocks and pain that is held deep within the body allowing their body to heal naturally and find balance restoring their physical and emotional well-being by using various therapeutic reflexology techniques.

Everyone benefits from a Intuitive Reflexology treatment. This deeply relaxing unique holistic therapy is great for maintaining optimal health as well as treating specific conditions. Perfect for anyone who wants to work on clearing and transforming themselves.


I don’t just treat the feet, depending on your body’s needs I may stimulate the reflex points on your hands or ears. Your feet, hands and ears all reflect your whole body, so if tenderness is found on the feet I can switch to your hands to relieve this tenderness and allow healing to start.


A great way to release tension and reduce stress using the points on your feet or hands, using your body’s own pressure points and stimulating your body’s own self-healing.


The perfect way to revitalize and get yourself ready for what life has to throw at you. A great way to release tension and reduce stress, allows vitality to return, a must for all.

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