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Transformational Lifestyle Coaching + Body-Reading

Image by Austin Chan

£100.00 per session

One to one coaching to help you let go of what's holding you back or making you ill

This unique style of coaching is tailored to you and you alone, does not matter if health or life is holding you back, so long as you are committed to wanting to change and willing to put the effort in, knowing that only you can make the difference, then let’s start.

Everyone makes mistakes, but how many times are they being repeated – once we learn what each of those mistakes mean, then we are in a position to never make them again due to the fact that we can see them coming, thus we can move on happy and safely.


If Ill Health is also causing you problems, then is it time to get better using a unique Body-Reading diagnostic technique to find who, what and why is causing your dis-ease. By understanding that deep-rooted current or forgotten emotional issues leave residue and markers in different parts of your body that over time develop into repeated or continuous illness, pain, discomfort dis-ease, etc, I will help and advise you, so that you will have the ability and tools to take back control of your life by dissolving and eventually eliminating the issues that have been holding you back so that health and ease returns to your body and life-force.


Are YOU ready to feel better about yourself, change your direction in life etc, then what are you waiting for, book your session now.

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