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Merlin, wizard, sorcerer and magician of Arthurian legend can be seen wearing flowing robes with antlers coming out of his head. He holds a torch in one hand while ravens fly around him in a frenzy. Merlin holds the other hand up above his head, conjuring the famous stone that encases Excalibur. The stone has runes that appear engraved across its surface, adding that extra touch.Featuring the design of artist Derek W. Frost, makes a unique gift for anyone who enjoys Arthurian legend and is into magic, sorcery or medieval fantasy


SKU: 013160000200
  • Height: 270 cm

    Width: 102 cm

    Depth: 170 cm

  • Free Shipping for Orders over £100 under 15kg

    Orders are prepared and shipped within 1-2 working days

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