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Lord Shiva is presented here as Natraj known as the Lord of The Ecstatic Cosmic Dance of bliss (Ananda Tattva), Natraj is the destroyer of ignorance, and bestows fearlessness, making the sound of OM with the cosmic drum. Through his ecstatic dance all that appears to be bound by illusion is released into the bliss of freedom. Here he is seen in the Natya Shastra pose where he is standing with one leg lifted up in the air representing release and another stomping a demon (Apasmaa). which symbolizes spiritual ignorance and hidden desires. His upper left hand is holding Agni (fire) which can destroy the universe. Top right hand holds Damru that creates the first sound of creation. The lower right shows Abhay Mudra known as a gesture of blessing. The front left hand poses as Gajahasta coming across the chest representing the removal of obstacles. The entire Nataraj Murti is encircled by the flames of the world, and represents the core of all major developments responsible for the existence of the universe and the manifest world and Shiva, your very own Self. Makes a unique gift for anyone who meditates or wants to consciously focus on the goals of a spiritual life or enjoys the art of culture and dance, brings happiness & prosperity but also help to remove obstacles in life, perfect for connecting with the power of the Divine


SKU: 013070000200
  • Height: 94 cm

    Width: 31 cm

    Depth: 81 cm

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