Distinct & Unique Services

For the Discerning Individual

Distinct and Unique services, gives you the opportunity to experience and invest in your future, whether developing your abilities, worrying about a loved one, or looking to change your luck, find a new direction or purchase those special objects.


Bespoke Shopping Experience

We are proud to offer you the opportunity to book a 3 hour time slot that is convenient to us both, where you can come and view the products of your choosing, ie crystals, cards, figurines, etc..

Distant Healing.jpg

Distant - Remote Healing

Perfect for continuing healing after one to one session’s, or the person is unable to travel to me or visa-versa, due to dis-ease or distance or they are unaware that you wish to send healing their way (ie a child, etc).

Psychic Development.jpg

Group Support - Psychic Development

Do you and your family/friends have the same interest in developing your abilities or learning new ones, then this service is perfect for you. By experiencing and developing together you have the opportunity to become stronger as a group helping each other excel and grow in your abilities and knowledge. Spark something new deep in your soul.


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